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Fly-in Destination: Lakeport Lampson 1O2

Lampson FieldLampson Field(1O2), near Lakeport is tantalizingly close to Clear Lake. The lake is a couple of miles away, with the town of Lakeport on its eastern shore. In the summer it may be too hot for a walk that far.

There is a restaurant on the field, the Sicily's Italian Restaurant and Steakhouse. It is open from 11am Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Getting There

Where's Lampson?Lampson is 111.8 nautical miles NNW of Reid Hillview. The airstrip is some 2 miles from the south shore of Clear Lake, the runway is 10/28, left pattern for 10 and right for 28, so the pattern is always flown on the lake side of the strip. In the picture above we are looking at the approach end of runway 28.

The view of the airport can easily be lost if you start your 45 leg too far out - in the picture below the arrow points to the approach end of runway 10.

The Airport

Lampson RunwayThe runway is in very good condition, and is some 3600 feet long. It makes a good destination for long cross country flights for students. Here's a view on final for runway 10.

Transient parking and the restaurant are on the left of the numbers, the gas pump is on the right.

There are interesting planes to be seen, as there is a business restoring old Grumman airplanes on the field. We saw a Grumman Albatross and a Mohawk.

Grumman Mohawk Grumman Albatross

Enterprise Car Rental is available from nearby Lakeport. Enterprise has a call box in the Pilot's Lounge or call (707) 262-5555. Expect to wait an hour or so. unless you have made arrangements to meet at a particular time. Lake Transit is another option, they have an on-call pickup. See the link on the right for routes and timetables. If you fancy a spot of gambling, the nearby Konocti Indian Casino is rumored to offer a pickup service.

Sicily's RestaurantWhat's There? Lakeport and Clear Lake

Sicily's Restaurant is right on the airfield for lunch and dinner. Closed on Sundays and Mondays, it opens at 11am Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Clear Lake is part of Lake County, in the heart of the Mendocino National Forest. There are State and County parks all around the lake, and some wonderful views.

Clear LakeOvernight acommodation choices around the lake are many, ranging from luxury bed and breakfasts to modest huts and campsites, and everywhere in between. Check out the Lake County website for ideas!

The town of Lakeport is about 2.5 miles away from the airfield. Lakeport has a main street right out of the 30's, with several eating places, a couple of art galleries and some quaint shops.

The waterfront is very nice with a park, jetties, and launch ramps if you have towed your own boat on a trailer.

TNT Mexican restaurant in LakeportWe had lunch with a gorgeous lakeview at the TNT On The Lake Mexican Restaurant in downtown Lakeport. Very tasty fresh food, friendly staff, and portions big enough to take half home for lunch the next day.

The Annual Clear Lake Splash-in seaplane event takes place every year in September. Sounds like fun!

Super Cub on floats