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Fly-in Destination: Angwin-Parrett 2O3

Welcome to Napa ValleyMost people flying into Napa Valley will use Napa County (KAPC), at the south end of the valley. But there is an alternative, much closer to the vineyards!

Angwin is a small town in the hills to the East of the Napa Valley, roughly abeam St Helena, which lies right in the heart of Napa - all the major wineries are in the vicinity. In our opinion, Angwin's Virgil O. Parrett airfield (2O3) is ideal for visiting the Napa Valley, being so much closer, and much less busy. Stay over at one of the spas in Calistoga and relax!

Final approach to runway 16 at AngwinGetting There

Angwin is 80.3 nautical miles NNW of Reid Hillview. Take the scenic route via the coast and the Golden Gate Bridge for a great sightseeing trip! As you fly north up the Napa Valley, Angwin will be in the hills to your right, as the valley narrows.

This picture shows us on (long and high) final approach to rwy 16 at Angwin. For landings this is the preferred direction, as it requires no back taxiing on the runway.

The Airport

The airfield is owned and operated by the Pacific Union College (PUC), a 7th Day Adventist college. The runway is 3200' long. There is no parallel taxiway, so aircraft must taxi on the runway. The continuation of the runway is as wide as the runway itself, but should not be used for takeoffs or landings. The boundary between the runway and the taxiway can be seen right in the center of the picture.

Angwin airfieldThere is no control tower and there's usually plenty of students in the pattern. To avoid flying over the college and the town of Angwin, runway 16 uses left traffic, runway 34, right traffic. This picture shows us departing on the right downwind after taking off on runway 34.

The FBO is the PUC Flight Center. It is open every day except Saturdays. Fuel is available during opening hours and they have a pilot's lounge where you can relax, plan your next flight, or just exchange stories.

The PUC Flight Center will also rent you a car by prior arrangement. The cars are not the newest models, but they are well maintained, clean and inexpensive.

Virgil O. Parrett Airport, AngwinThe Flight Center is closed Saturdays, but restrooms and telephones are available all hours. The College Cafeteria offers its hearty vegetarian cooking to all comers.

When it's time to leave, hopefully all your purchases haven't put you over the weight and balance limits. Don't forget to check density altitude. In the summer it can be over 5000'.

When taxiing for departure, note that a 360' clearing turn is expected before you enter the runway proper. Conditions permitting, runway 34 is the preferred runway for departures. Not only does it not require a lengthy taxi on the runway, but if you encounter engine problems on climbout you might be able to glide to nearby private Pope Valley airfield (05CL).

What's There? Napa Valley

What is there to see and do in Napa Valley? There is so much it is hard to know where to start. There are wineries, of course. There is a wine museum, a wine train, wine shops, wine tastings, wine fairs, and the annual Wine Auction, even sake tastings. As well as wine, there are horse rides, limo tours, bicycle rentals, historic buildings, parks, a petrified forest and even a geyser.  There's fancy shopping and there is very fancy eating. Check out the links on the right for the latest news, events and places to visit!