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Harris Ranch Resort


Fly-in Destination: Harris Ranch 3O8

Harris Ranch approach from the northHarris Ranch (3O8) is a steak loving pilot's dream. An airstrip, right next to the Harris Ranch Resort, where some of the best steaks in the country can be found.

Better yet, you can stay overnight, so you can enjoy a glass of wine with your steak, and in the morning, buy some steaks to take home with you.


Getting There

The airstrip is right next to Interstate 5. While 2600' long it is only 30' wide which can look pretty narrow if all you have been used to is big city airports. The surface is in good condition, and there is plenty of tiedown space. If the tiedowns are all occupied, there's a big grassy area adjacent, where you can park your plane. I've seen the CHP choppers and Cessna Skywagons there, often, it seems to be their favorite lunch place. 100LL is available from a self service pump.

Finding the airport from a distance can be a challenge, since it blends in with the countryside - the arrow marks the spot in the picture above, taken from the North.

Coming from the North, you will be alerted to the vicinity of the working Harris Ranch by the smell of cattle. I don't know of any other airfield where you use your sense of smell to navigate. Thankfully the smelly area does not extend quite to the airstrip and restaurant.

Harris Ranch on final for runway 32The runway is 14/32, right traffic for 14 and left for 32 - flying the West side of the freeway, while the strip is on the East side. Here's a view on final for runway 32

The Airport

As you can see, there's no taxiway, so you will need to taxi on the runway after landing and also for departure. Be sure to announce your intentions on the CTAF 122.9. The tiedown area is at the far end of the runway, on the right. You can also see the restaurant/inn buildings.

What's There? Harris Ranch Resort

It's a cattle ranch. Eat steak.