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Fly-in Destination: Monterey KMRY

Monterey Peninsula Airport KMRYMonterey Peninsula Airport is some 45 nautical miles South of Reid Hillview. It is a Class C airport with airline service, but still very friendly to small airplanes. AeroDynamic is located on the South side of runway 27L, up taxiway K.

It's a great place to fly into. You can have lunch at the Golden Tee restaurant in the terminal building or take a taxi or bus to town. We will be delighted to welcome you on our ramp.

Getting There

Flying into Monterey is easy. The simplest way from the Reid Hillview area is to fly South East till abeam Anderson Reservoir, then head south towards Monterey. You'll need to contact Norcal Approach after getting ATIS.

Monterey from NorthApproaching MRY from the North, the airport will look like an East-West gash in the greenery, just as the fields stop and the low range of hills begins. Even though it is only a couple of miles from the sea, the field is at an elevation of 254 feet, and if you are lower than a couple of thousand feet it will be hard to see. The view here was taken at about 3000' soon after passing Moss Landing. Moss Landing can be distinguished by a huge chimney stack belching steam or smoke, courtesy of PG&E. Even when covered with fog, the smoke plume can be seen easily.

The Airport

Monterey KMRY from EastKMRY has two parallel runways, 28L and 28R (or 10L and 10R). 28L is the long wide runway used by airliners, but there's no reason why you can't use it too. Just ask for it.

Coming from the North you will usually be told to enter right downwind for runway 28R, which is the shorter of two parallel runways. Frequently there will be airline traffic coming in for 28L, usually a Brasilia or similar, but we did see a 757 arrive one time.

Pattern altitude is a little higher than you may expect - North of the field it is 1500' MSL, South of field 1800' MSL.

There is a bus stop at the eastern end of the terminal building, but the buses don't run on Sundays. There's a taxi rank there too, or the FBO can get you a cab.

Monterey here we come!

Departures from MRY are a little more complex than average not only because of the Class C airspace but also because of noise abatement procedures. After checking the ATIS, one first calls Clearance to let them know the departure direction and get the squawk code, then ground for taxi clearance to the runup area, and tower for takeoff. Tower cannot see the 28L runup area.

The usual takeoff direction is from rwys 28, and for noise abatement one should fly runway heading till over the freeway, then turn right to 340° (northbound departures) and stay offshore, or left to 120° for eastbound and southeast departures. If rwys 10 are in use, fly runway heading till 900' AGL before turning to desired heading.

A frequent challenge at Monterey is the low stratus layer often blanketing the entire Monterey/Salinas area. Usually enough burns off by noon to allow VFR arrivals. Keep an eye on it as sometimes it can return quickly and prevent VFR departures.

For IFR arrivals or practice approaches, MRY has an ILS to runway 10R. Usually you are in the clear till about 1500' when you descend into the fog over the Monterey Bay. Frequently there is interesting turbulence in and below the fog layer. Excellent for practicing keeping the needles centered.

What's There? Where do we start?

What is there to do at Monterey? There are so many things. Food, history, sea otters, an amazing Aquarium, Cannery Row (yes the one from Steinbeck's novel), etc, etc. Monterey was the first capital of Alta California under Spanish rule. Many buildings from that era remain and are part of the Monterey State Historic Park.

Have a look at the Official City of Monterey Home Page or Monterey City Guide by for some ideas. For those just flying in for a $100 hamburger, there's a snack bar in the terminal, and upstairs there's the Golden Tee restaurant. Unlike so many airport restaurants, the Golden Tee in the terminal is pretty good. Try their excellent sanddabs.