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Bay Cafe

County of Santa Clara Airports: Palo Alto

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Mings Chinese Restaurant

City of Palo Alto Baylands Preserve

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Fly-in Destination: Palo Alto KPAO

American Avocet at Baylands PreserveIt has to be admitted that Palo Alto (KPAO) is a bit of a stretch as a fly-in destination from Reid Hillview, being a mere 16 nautical miles NW!!! However, Ming's restaurant offers one of the best dim-sum lunches anywhere, let alone within walking distance from an airport!

Also within easy walking distance from the airport are the hiking trails of the Baylands Preserve. Probably just as well after the large lunch!!

Getting There

Recommended approaches for any runway at Palo Alto are given on the Santa Clara Airports website:

  • SE through NW: Maintain 1500 feet MSL over Palo Alto and the surrounding communities until crossing the Bayshore Freeway (US 101) before descending to pattern altitude. (1000 feet MSL SW side of field)
  • NW through E, and Closed Traffic: Expect Right Traffic, Runway 30 and descend into pattern altitude (800 feet MSL NE side of field).
  • W through S: May be assigned Left Traffic Runway 30, aircraft to maintain at leas 1500 feet MSL over Palo Alto and surrounding communities until crossing Bayshore Freeway (US 101) before descending to pattern altitude (1000 feet MSL SW of field.)

There are almost always cross-winds in the vicinity. Watch out for birds on or near the airport.

The Airport

Santa Clara County Airports PAOThere are noise sensitive areas to the west and south of the airport. Aircraft arriving over those areas must maintain at least 1500 ft until crossing the Bayshore Freeway. When the ATC Tower is closed, all aircraft are requested to use a standard traffic pattern on the Bay (NE) side of the airport.

No Downwind departures on the SW side of the airport.

Click the image to download the Palo Alto Pilot information brochure from the Santa Clara County Airports website.

What's There? Lunch and a walk!

Closest to the airport is the Abundant Air, which serves fresh and tasty sandwiches, soups and salads all day until 5pm. They are located between the golf course parking lot and the airport.

If you have more time and enjoy excellent chinese food, less than ten minutes walk away Ming's Chinese Restaurant offers one of the best dim-sum lunches in the Bay Area. The rest of their menu is pretty good, too, including a great set of vegetarian choices! Come out of the airport and follow Embarcadero Road towards the freeway and you'll see Ming's, with its distinctive oriental-style tiled roof on the south side of the road, just before the E. Bayshore Road traffic lights.

The Palo Alto Baylands Preserve lies to the east of the airport, with hiking trails and nature center. Great place to watch birds and other wildlife in the wetland preserve. Towards the south, it meets up with Mountain View's Shoreline Park for a longer walk. You'll need it after that dimsum lunch!!